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Your Obsession = ?

By Emmi Hanus

Recently, Chris challenged us to return to a position of being completely obsessed with Jesus. So obsessed that we are constantly longing for more of Him. So obsessed that we joyfully and urgently turn every conversation into being about Him. So obsessed that we prioritize Him, His lost sheep, and the people we are reaching through Aroma over most other things in life. It’s a hard commitment to make, but we are doing it. As we bring ourselves back to a position of being obsessed with Jesus, we ask ourselves, “How do we stay here? How do we keep from getting so caught up with life, with the world, with policies and schedules?”

Our first step is to get back into that position, that relationship, that obsession with Jesus. Then we are to talk to Him: “What are the passions You’ve given me? What are the gifts and talents You’ve given me? How do You want to work through me for Your glory? How do You want to use me? How can I prepare myself (i.e. spiritually, physically, mentally) to be in a position of readiness when You call me, when You send me, when You ask me to bring Your sheep back to You?” We are to ask these questions, and turn it into a plan. A plan of individual development as we prepare ourselves for the work ahead. A plan of strategic ministry development and partnership as we all move toward God’s goal together. A plan of community connectedness as we act like a bridge between the world and Jesus. We will know that this plan is successful when we see more people turning to Jesus. We will know we are following after God’s heart when we see more and more Taiwanese worshipping Jesus Christ. We will know that God’s Kingdom has come in Taiwan when there are no longer people dying who don’t know Jesus.

But we can’t do this by ourselves. We need your partnership. We need your prayer. We need your commitment to following Jesus. We need you to return to a position of being obsessed with Jesus. A position of longing and yearning for more and more of Him. We need you to buy into God’s vision, to see and feel and hear His heart for the people of Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan, and the rest of the world. Will you join us in returning back to Him? 

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