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Thanks for Sticking with Us!

Hey Aroma Extended Fam!

Thank you so much for tuning in and for participating in this partnership in the gospel. These last few months, God’s been doing some great things! Your prayers are being answered! During summer camps, 51 kids gave their lives to Christ. We are breaking even in Ximen Cafe, with Dongyuan close behind. We have a renewed emphasis on the fruit and gifts of the Spirit. As we continue this emphasis, we want to trim out unnecessary administrative work. So, we made was to discontinue the Aroma News mailing list. But that doesn’t mean we’re discontinuing our communication. The goal’s always been to keep you informed of praises and prayer requests. I’m going to keep going with a monthly update newsletter that I’ve already been doing. I want to invite you to join me on this new list. If you’re coming to this page from the link in the previous list email, welcome. You’ll be updated to the new list!

If you’re interested in receiving these updates, but haven’t previously received updates from Aroma News, fill out this form to keep updated on what’s going on in Aroma Cafe, Church, and Training Center.

Thanks for your time! Have a great day! 

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