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Envision is all about missional equipping and development. Because of this, we spend the first two days of teams' trip and the first week of an internship in orientation. We provide training on things like Taiwanese culture, 3D Gospel, Spiritual Warfare, BAM/Work as Missions, Discipleship, and others.

We invest so much time and energy into these things not only because we want our Envision teams to have a firm understanding of what they're going to be facing and involved in while they're in Taiwan, but also because their missional identity doesn't expire once they leave Taiwanese airspace. These principles can be applied in America just as much as in Taiwan.

It's such a win for us as a team to see the teams and interns try things they've never tried before here in Taiwan, and then see the light bulb go on in their minds that this very same thing can be done back home.

This is one of the best parts of my job.

One key theme throughout all of these other trainings is flexibility and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Yes, we can have the best thought-out plan, with the most logical strategy, staffed by the most competent people. If we are not listening to, and obeying the Holy Spirit, however, then it's all for nothing.

We tell the interns/team (as well as remind ourselves) over and over again, that ministry requires us to be listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying first, and then we act in obedience. It's rarely easy, but always necessary. This means sometimes we throw the team a curve-ball and ask them to plan another event that wasn't on the schedule. Sometimes it means asking them to do something that scares them, like talking to a stranger. Other times it means we as a staff have to rework things at the last minute.

Being flexible is not fun. It's frustrating. But it's worth it. We’re so thankful for all of our teams and interns! They have demonstrated and practiced sensitivity to the Spirit and have been so flexible, even when it’s not ideal.

Summer season is busy, but so rich! Seeing people step out in faith, unsure of how God was going to show up, is part of the reason Envision exists!

-Nathan Conklin

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