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Your Impact in Uganda

Sweetie met the Aroma Team ten years ago, and began contributing to its cause in many ways: being a culture teacher, a translator, and a co-leader for small groups. She was already a Christian when she joined Aroma, but has since grown much closer to Jesus while learning what it means to follow Him with her whole being.

Lucas moved to Taiwan from America after finishing up college in 2015. He had actually served on a short-term mission trip with Aroma previously through an opportunity that was offered by his school. While serving with Aroma, he has quickly taken to working within the Action for Jesus outreaches as his heart burns for the lost people of Taiwan.

Gale started attending the Aroma church the beginning of 2016 and has also been serving within the Action for Jesus outreaches.

These three individuals are excellent examples of what it means to surrender your life to Jesus. Just a few years ago, Sweetie made the decision to pack her bags and head to Kenya and Uganda where she served for two years. Since moving back to Taiwan, her heart has continued to yearn for the people of Uganda; that they would know Jesus as their Savior. In February, Gale, Lucas, and Sweetie traveled to Uganda on a short-term mission trip to bless the women of the ARISE program, which Sweetie had worked with previously. The team took along cards that Action for Jesus had made to bless the women there.

The Aroma of Christ is truly spreading out, from our home countries — Thailand, America, and Taiwan — into all of Taiwan and even into Uganda and Kenya! Praise God for the impact that this team made while in Uganda! Please pray that the Aroma of Christ will continue to spread throughout Taiwan and to the furthest ends of the earth!

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