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Besides a hilarious TV show and the word we use when we want to make church sound less formal, what is community? calls it a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. At the Aroma, one of our desires is to build up a community that helps others become the Aroma of Christ. But how do we do this? Community Groups.

About four months ago, we launched three brand new Community Groups with the intent of creating a space for people to grow that particular common characteristic, specifically; Christ-likeness. Our goal was to give people a space to get to know their brothers and sisters in Christ and spend time forming community. Community that can then better help others smell and spread, the Aroma. We intentionally launched Community Groups on Sunday nights after our church service.

Since beginning, we’ve seen some pretty amazing things happen. Some expected, some unexpected. All of them full of Holy Spirit working.

“I crave time with people.”

This is what one young man said to me one Sunday evening. “My job keeps me so busy throughout the week. This time that we have to hang out with each other is so valuable because there is no other time that I have to be with our community.”

“I’m thankful for a group of people to come back to… I feel so well received.”

This was the response from an old friend who had left our community for some time and then came back. He has dealt with the passing of his father, much strife in his home country, and the recent revealing of a change in beliefs. Thank the Lord that He has worked through our community to provide a safe space for this young man.

“Can we lead some activities tonight? We want to go even deeper with everyone.”

What a joy it is to see those whom you walk with stand up and make their faith their own. These two individuals met and planned out an entire event to be done during the Community Group that meets in our home. It started with some simple questions getting to know one another and forming community, which led to us talking about the sermon from earlier in the day and deepening community, and finally a time of prayer with one another in order to strengthen community.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 1:4) Whether it’s a Community Group like ours or a big community meal such as some churches have. Holy Spirit uses many ways to build the Body of Christ. This is what we do at the Aroma. What about you?

Used with permission from our friends and colleagues over at

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