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This Could Be You! (Part 2) “Why am I Here?”

This is my third time to Envision: Taipei and this time I am committed for a year. I am often asked why I keep coming back to Taiwan. Is it the food? The city? The convenient public transportation system? While those things are amazing, the reason I come back is that I have heard the truth of the gospel that millions of people in Taiwan have yet to hear. I believe God is going to use me to reach people in ways that only he can. Because of this, I go boldly and humbly into this mission field. I had a conversation with a guy in the Aroma the other day. At the end of our conversation, I prayed for him and with tears streaming down his face he said, “Thanks for bringing the lost sheep home.” This is why I’m here! God is already working in Taiwan and he’s using me to help bring the lost sheep home. It won’t be an easy year but I know it will be worth it. I know God loves Taiwan more than I ever could and he desperately wants them to turn to him and is using me as a vessel to display his love.

Laura, 1 year

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