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“I am excited to experience a new culture and learn a new language; I am Asian by heritage, but Taiwan is my first time stepping into an Asian country. I see my time here as an incredible opportunity for connecting with my Asian roots. I am also excited to simply be a part of what God is doing in and through the Aroma. I’ve heard nothing but great things about what the Aroma does, and so it is a privilege to serve with them. I expect to have an incredible time in learning so much about this place, God, and myself.”

-Andre, 1 year

“Growing up as a Taiwanese American and frequently coming back to Taiwan has made this place a second home for me. Previous trips were always to visit family, but God has been convicting my heart about the urgency of salvation, especially in Taiwan. The statistic that 2.5% of Taiwanese people are evangelical Christians broke my heart, because it didn’t seem real to me… my relatives made Taiwan seem so inviting and warm, that it didn’t really occur to me that the whole country was in spiritual darkness. So when the opportunity came up to intern with Aroma, I jumped at the chance, because it was a chance to connect with the people who I share cultural heritage with, and share the good news of Jesus Christ! I’m excited to see how God’s going to move. Ximen is such a populated place, with many Taiwanese locals and visitors passing through every day, which means that there’s lots of opportunities to evangelize! I want people to experience and encounter the love of Jesus, and to know that there’s a real God who is so good and wants to be the God of their lives. I hope to be able to build relationships that really point people back to Jesus, walking alongside and doing life with them!

Because I’m here for just 6 weeks, I hope that I’ll be able to make good use of my time, always making sure to be intentional and steadfast in prayer and intercession over this city and its people. I want to catch a piece of God’s heart, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in where it leads, always giving my “yes” in obedience and faith.

Super stoked to be able to partake in this awesome program, and testify to others the good news of Jesus, and how He has captivated my heart! Thanks for all your support and prayers! There’s seeds and prayers sown into this vision, and I’m blessed to be part of this kingdom work.”

-Serena, 6 weeks

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