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The Empowering Purpose of Aroma’s Existence

The Aroma exists to help others smell, become, and spread the Aroma of Christ. Every time someone from our Aroma family completes this cycle, we rejoice. This is why we are here. We were reminded of this recently as we sent out a fellow colleague, friend, and brother in Christ.

Jae had already received God’s calling when he first came through our doors. When he heard about our vision, however, he wanted to become more involved. He observed our business as mission and desired to learn more about how we operate. Working in the cafe and serving at church, he quickly became a valued colleague and friend. If you’ve ever sat in Aroma Ximen and heard a short, but loud burst of laughter, you’ve likely heard Jae. His infectious joy was and continues to be a source of many smiles.

Jae’s chapter with us is now ending, but we’re not sad. We’re excited. He’s been equipped to spread the good news of Christ. Wherever he lands, he will take the aroma of Christ with him. We anticipate the great things Holy Spirit will do through him!

We rejoice for what God is doing through Jae and many others! We, however, cannot do this alone. Will you join us in praying for the people of Taiwan? Will you ask that God would cause this nation to see, feel, and hear more of his heart for them?

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