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The Devil Wants You Tired / God Gives Hope

At five o’clock I was ready to crash.

Granted, I do seem to get worn out much more easily here in Taiwan than in America, but five o’clock? An overwhelming urge to sleep washed over me, and I sought the couch for a short nap — if it would come. Waves of tired, half-dream thoughts came in, but before I could fall asleep, my roommate came home and I sat up and went back to my studies again. I had the thought, this is personal. This is familiar. This is warfare.

You see, the content of the homework I was about to do consisted of an essay on the topic of holidays– big holidays, specifically to be compared with a holiday the whole Chinese world celebrates–their New Year’s holiday. The most comparable holiday for Americans happens to be Christmas, and I have just spent two hours writing about the Lord’s precious, life-giving gift for all, the light of the world, given for us.

That is something I would fight against, if I were Satan.

Remember, all, that what we do does not just exist in the plane that we can see with our eyes. In fact, there is another level that life happens daily on and in reaction to. Do not ignore this part of your life, for if you realize its presence, you are starting to become dangerous. Dangerous because you both 1) know what is going on, and 2) if you are a Christian, already have the Spirit of Jesus Christ living inside of you. Put your armor on, get ready to speak, fight.

This work is an exerpt from the article “The Devil Wants You Tired/ God Gives Hope” and originated from It was used with permission by Skye Bonati.

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