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The Aroma Church is not only a church, but a family.

Aroma Church is not just a church but also my support and family. Last September, I started to teach in Washington. Before I came to America, my friends from Aroma helped me connect with Victoria (She was one of Aroma church team members) or their family and even friends who also live in Washington. It gave me a sense of relief that I’ve already known someone before I came here.

When I arrived in America, I was not connected with a local church. Therefore, Aroma church’s livestream became one of my main sources to listen to God’s words. I remembered my first month in America. I was frustrated with not being able to find a right church. One day, I prayed to God for helping me find a home. After praying, I randomly googled the word “church” and found there was a church service starting in 20 mins. At that moment, one of my Aroma friends sent me a message, encouraging me to go and check it out. After going there, I felt like the pastor and his wife are Washingtonian version of Chris and Jamie! They shared the very similar personalities—loving, caring and humor. I knew this church will be my home!

Besides, there is a campus ministry at the school that I taught. As a language teacher, I was inspired by Aroma’s coffee talk. I partnered with my church and started with a Chinese conversation table. We’ll come up with different themes and topics to invite students to learn Chinese/Taiwanese culture and also do the language exchange. Though I have already found my spiritual home in America, I still listen to Aroma livestream every week. Because I know Aroma Church is my home, I believe one day Aroman and forever Aroma of Christ!

-Lily Tsao

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