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Love that Becomes Strength

By Sara Yeh

The Aroma Cafe has been blessed by many over a long period of time. We thank God for leading a prophetic artist to us to help God speak to each person who sees her work. Today, this special story does not only impact our lives, but the artist’s as well. When she established a deeper relationship with God, he helped her connect with her family, and grow closer to them. Here is the testimony she shared with us:

Hello everyone! My name is Sara. I was one of the photographers in the “Love x Light x Time” photo exhibition. I want to share with you about one of the dreams that brought a beautiful change to my life. Last year, I attended the Bread of Life Church’s Training Institute. This was one of the biggest turning points of my life. In one of the classes, we were asked to list 40 of our life’s dreams. I discussed my dreams with two of my female classmates, Penny and Charlotte. We discovered that we all shared the dream to hold a photo exhibition. Even though I did complete this dream, there has still been some regret in my heart. This is because I was still separated from my parents.

One Sunday, after I had finished showing my art at the Aroma, I was on the first floor chatting with one of the staff. A girl who had attended the event was also nearby. She approached me and asked, “can I pray for you? God moved me to come down and pray for you.” I replied, “Okay!” The first words out of her mouth were about the relationship between my parents and I. At that moment, I burst into tears right in front of everyone. The Aroma staff member there also showed care for me by listening to my story about my tough family situation. All my pent up emotions were finally able to get out.

On November 1st of this year, an idea came to my mind. “If I want you to go home, are you willing to go for me?” I believe this was the voice of God. He is one who reconciles. He gives people his strength to fight for their relationships, even when they are afraid. In my heart, I said, “God, if you want me to go home, please help me. I don’t have enough strength on my own.” That night, my mother contacted me and asked me to come home quickly.

In mid-November, I painted a picture titled “Giving.” It is an image of two hands holding up bright and clear water that comes from above. The intention is to show the importance of giving strength to those who have none. I decided not to recall all past hurts, but to put them down and move on.

When I made this choice, I began to experience God’s true love which is shown in our lives. His leadership is like love that becomes strength. It is love and strength that I can accept continuously, and pass on to others. This is a gift called forgiveness which means to forgive others. Because of this gift, I went home!

As Christmas approaches, I invite you and those you care about to look for a new beginning. This will take courage. Pray to God and ask him to help you. You can say, “God, I thank you for the good things you have done in me. You are able to bring reconciliation to broken relationships. Nothing is impossible for you! If we are only willing to ask, you are certainly willing to help. Help our past hurts to be healed by you. Help us to be brought back to you! Thank you! In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!”

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