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How to Rock A Musical

Jesse and I are thrilled by the opportunity to put on the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” at Aroma. It’s been a dream of Jesse’s for years to be able to do something like this at Aroma. It’s also been super cool for me to be able to come alongside him and help create this show!

Before we began the rehearsal process, Jesse and I talked about wanting to use this show to bring glory to God. We both agreed that in order for things to work out, we would need to put God first. This is why we pray before and after every rehearsal. We listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance when making big and small decisions, such as which actors to cast. We also pray for things like finding cheap materials to use for the set, and having a joyful and exciting time at practices! There have been a couple times where we’ve forgotten to pray before rehearsals, and it’s crazy to see the difference in the atmosphere. A couple weeks ago was one of those times. The cast was feeling frustrated, Jesse and I were stressed about being unprepared, and it seemed like nothing was getting done. We had gone through about half of the rehearsal time when one of the actors, Caleb, said “Hey, we forgot to pray!” We immediately stopped everything and prayed, and from then on, things were a lot lighter. Yes, we still had the same amount of work to do, but when we invited the Spirit’s presence to come alongside us there was a sense of unity that wasn’t there before. When the unity of Christ is amongst our team, it seems as though we can accomplish anything!

Prayer has been the most important piece in both the rehearsal and creative process of this show. The second most important has been the team. The cast consists of six people: Lucas, Gale, Samms, Matt, Andrea, and Caleb. Each of them play an equally important role in making the show a success. Whenever this group gets together, the energy in the room is so positive and uplifting! Although the rehearsals are held later in the evening, I (most of the time) leave feeling refreshed and encouraged by the group and the work that was completed! The dynamic they bring is something Jesse and I specifically prayed for, and it’s so beautiful the way He answered our prayer. In moving toward the performances, our hope and prayer now is that everyone who sees the show will feel blessed. Please join us as we pray that the show will allow people to laugh and feel a greater connection to our community. Pray also that all who attend will be drawn to the Father by the love and encouragement that comes from Christ’s aroma! 

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