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“Engage in God’s Mission”


As a ministry of the C&MA, Envision identifies and develops missional leaders who innovate, establish, and strengthen communities of faith in key urban environments. We do this through short-term trips, internships, leadership development, and ministry opportunities in the Alliance family.


Taiwan has more temples per capita than any other nation in the world, and is also home to Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world. It’s a unique convergence of old tradition and modern globalization. Envision: Taipei, decided to plant itself right in the middle of where these two worlds collide to be a light for the Gospel. 


We believe that God is at work in the world and He invites us to participate in what He is already doing. Through The Aroma and other ministry partners in Taiwan, Envision: Taipei provides opportunities for groups and individuals to engage in God’s mission and become more aware of their God-given missional identity.  Missions isn’t about an international address or a job description; it’s about seeing the world through God’s eyes.


To learn more about Envision and its work around the world, including how you can get involved, head over to our website.

Internship Opportunities/Ministries


There are a lot of different things happening at The Aroma. We have two cafes, a church plant, and, of course, Envision teams and interns who join us throughout the year. We’ve had teams and interns involved in street evangelism, marketing, teaching English, planning and facilitating events in our cafes, 1:1 discipleship, and so much more. But it’s not about getting something done; it’s about being faithful to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Over the course of your time in Taiwan, it is our goal that you have the opportunity to learn about, witness, and participate in the ministries we have. We desire to show you what discipleship looks like in our context and then encourage you to go out and do that on your own! This is missional experience and development in action.

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